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Congratulations to your discovery.
Atman - | Tantra Berlin

Atman [ātman] is a sanskrit word and means breath of life, soul or spirit.
To touch, uplift & energise these is the offer of Atman - | Tantra Berlin

Sensuality, great kneads & tenderness is what awaits You here. Touch uniting comfort for your heart and earthly bliss.
Let yourself be soothed with your very own exclusive Tantramassage Deluxe and entrust yourself
to the skillful hands and loving care of your private massage artist.

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Gentle yet powerful sensitivity, inspiring moments of delight and the uncovering of bodily treasures ...
The universe of human tangibility is rich beyond measure and virtually boundless - Warmly welcome here.

Treat yourself with your private pleasure trip into the mystical realms of physical & spiritual sensuality.
Your massage artist and sensual care taker "Atman" can be contacted under
017640300328 and home[at]

More details there and on the following pages...

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